Thanks so much for visiting my store.  I hope you find what you are looking for.  Be sure to check back if your size isn’t available, as I will be adding more pieces to the collections as they become available.  Please contact me if you have any specific requests or questions.


I have had a lifelong passion for jewellery, but my real fascination began during my previous career as an author when I had to research ancient goldsmithing techniques for one of my books.  The research inspired me to create something of my own and learn how to make some of the designs that I had always dreamt of.

What initially started as an experiment progressed to a love of the art.  Now I can’t imagine a time where I’m not selecting stones, matching them to the right design and carving away in wax and metal.

I love when the gems vanish into the ring, when it seems like the stones are trying to burst from tiny cracks in the metal, almost winking at you.

My jewellery is for those who, like me, see that there is a unique beauty to the imperfection, and love the fact that no identical ring exists in quite the same way.  No other stones will be scattered in the same pattern.

Some rings found on this site are delicate, almost shy, while others are audacious, rich with colour bursting out.


Everything on this website is unique, however if you would like to view some of my other designs in person they can be found at the Design A Space Fitzroy store.  A small sample of the pieces available in store can be found here.

The pieces are made using the centuries old lost wax technique where the item is carefully carved into wax before being cast into silver or gold. 


Where possible, sizes are quoted in both British/Australian and US/Canadian.  As sizing is not always consistent between brands, it is recommended that you measure the internal diameter of existing rings to determine your perfect fit.  For further information on sizing and conversion charts please see


The images used on this website are intended to represent the pieces in real life, however please note that colours may look slightly different depending on the lighting conditions and device settings.


The jewellery products sold on this website are intended for adults only and should not be given to children.  Always remove any jewellery when operating machinery or performing any task where the item could get caught.